Transformation of Energy Distribution Systems in the Context of the Increasing Share of Renewable Energy Sources in the Power Industry of Kazakhstan and Other Central Asian Countries.

Almaty, March 5Schneider Electric, a leader in providing digital solutions for energy management and automation to ensure efficiency and sustainable development, will showcase its innovative solutions for energy-efficient operations at the international industrial exhibition EnergySave Expo 2024.

As part of the business program, the company’s experts will demonstrate how digital technologies with artificial intelligence contribute to improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption. They will also discuss solutions and products that connect to a unified system, allowing the collection, tracking, and analysis of data from all facilities to develop a tailored action plan.


“Digitalization, represented by software solutions for tracking and calculating energy expenses that were previously ‘invisible,’ significantly enhances energy efficiency. Electrification of processes leads to efficiency and sustainable development of the enterprise. This is the best vector for decarbonization,” commented Aleхandr Nikiforov, Power&Grid Segment Leader, Schneider Electric.

The combination of these two elements – digital and electric – is referred to as “Electricity 4.0” or Electricity for Zero (“zero-waste electricity”) at Schneider Electric, and these topics will be discussed in detail at EnergySave Expo 2024.

About Schneider Electric:

Schneider Electric’s goal is to help everyone maximize the efficient use of energy and resources, combining progress and sustainable development for all. In Schneider Electric, we call this concept “Life Is On.”

Our mission is to be your digital partner for achieving sustainable development and efficiency.

We contribute to digital transformation by integrating the best processes and technologies in energy management, connecting products to the cloud, control elements, software, and services for the entire lifecycle of facilities. This ensures comprehensive management for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industrial facilities.